If you can’t win a championship, buy one.

Whether it was the idea of the billionaire owner of the Miami Heat, one of the greatest of all time coaches turned team president, the Big Three All-Stars colluding during the 2006 Olympic Games, or a combination of all three: assembling the Miami Heat championship team was pure genius.

The players get their desired championship ring which can be sold later to fund their retirement, the coach gets to add another accolade to his long list of accomplishments, the billionaire owner gets to stay a billionaire since he pays his players virtually nothing (in NBA dollars), and the NBA and media get zillions of dollars off of the billions who watch the games and buy the merchandise. It’s a “win win” for everyone.

Well. Except the player’s entourages who can’t get that Bentley, since the players can’t really afford one themselves. But that’s ok since they get to hang with champions. The children are also learning you have to cheat to win, making back room deals with each other to play together, as long as they win right. What about the rest of the NBA players and other teams who assembled their teams the old fashion way. Building them for years through good coaching and hard work, hoping to have a least one superstar who makes those around him better. Screw that! Just leave your home team and join up with two other superstars and tell those around you to pass you’ll the ball.

This is the new NBA team and it is definitely good for the economy. The billionaire gets to trickle down his wealth to the rest of us. There’s no more moving your family out of the ghetto to a better neighborhood and sending your nieces and nephews to college. No, we have gone back to the days where everyone benefits from the hard work of the players, except the players. Other teams will undoubtedly put together their own squad of superstars, and soon we’ll have five great teams and 25 bankrupt ones. Competition will be a thing of the past and collusion and price fixing will be our new future.

Price fixing is establishing a price for a product or service instead of letting it be established naturally in the free market. Collusion is an agreement between two or more parties to limit open competition by gaining an unfair advantage. Both of these acts are illegal and unethical. But, it resulted in two championships so hey…

If it is “good” for the NBA then it is definitely “good” for the economy.

If you agree or disagree, comment below. If you miss the good ole basketball days where players were rivals and not best friends share this post with your friends.

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One thought on “Why the Miami Heat’s Championship is “Good” for the Economy

  1. Yes that do sounds good but the NBA has made it hard for teams to stack their teams like that ever again. I don’t agree with how LBJ received his 2 rings. He joined up with two other stars to get a ring. $$$$$$$$ for everybody yes. Team, Owner, players & NBA. At the same time half the NBA fans don’t like your team

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