To exceed our client’s expectations by delivering to them the highest quality accounting and financial services and guidance needed for success in their business, nonprofits, or personal lives.
Ten Talents Accounting & Financial Services is a premier accounting firm located in the Chicago-land area. It was founded by Janice Stevenson, a dedicated Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. She is a seasoned accounting professional with many years of complex accounting experience in both small and large businesses. Among her responsibilities were a wide range of functions from computer payroll processing, to financial statement and corporate tax return preparation. Her passion is helping individuals see their dreams of entrepreneurship and achieving financial freedom become reality. Ten Talents staff is comprised of like minded professionals who desire to impact the world and stimulate the economy through the development of thriving small businesses and the financial empowerment of individuals within the community.

Ten Talent’s vision is to become one of the country’s premier accounting and financial services firm that allows individuals to use their God given talents to better their lives and the community around them through the opening and successful operation of hundreds of new businesses and not-for-profits. We also expect to see individuals become financially empowered through education and debt elimination enabling them to accumulate wealth and make positive contributions to their communities.


A Few Words About What We Do

Individuals and business leaders look to CPAs for advice on income tax and business tax strategies. They assist clients with personal and business tax planing, preparing income tax returns, and representing individuals before government agencies at federal, state and local levels. As part of their ongoing education, CPAs stay up-to-date on current tax laws regulations, which can save their clients substantial amounts of money and worry.

CPAs play a vital role in helping businesses make better use of their resources and increasing efficiency and profitability. With careful planning and help from a CPA, you can learn how to start, manage and successfully grow a business. CPAs are trained to look at businesses with an objective eye. They can help you identify weaknesses in your organization and offer suggestions for improvements. A CPA can be your most valuable business partner, one who helps you reach for success.